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wellness seminars and classes are health care services we are happy to provide to our community.

Wellness Seminars

We offer seasonal seminars where presentations are given by local medical experts on integrative ways to help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and feel better!

consultations are a vital part of the health care services available to you through Makers Compounding Pharmacy


One-on-one consultations with our pharmacist to discuss wellness on your budget. Go through medication lists, test results, over the counter products, and more!

natural leaf to represent bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Bio-Identical Hormones

What have you heard about hormone replacement therapy? Where do your hormones come from? Is your body even able to use them?

health care services provided: at home testing hits by zrt labs. pictured here: saliva test kit, which can be used to run a complete hormone panel.

Hormone Testing

Testing in the comfort of your own home to determine what your levels actually are, instead of guessing! ZRT labs offers many testing kit options, and is trusted to give information not always shown by conventional blood draws.

Finding the right compounded prescription for you is a puzzle. We can help!

Compounded Formula Finder

Not sure if your medication can be compounded? Search our most popular formulas here.

professional, high quality supplements are one of the health care services we provide at Makers Compounding Pharmacy

Professional Supplements

Browse through the professional supplement lines we offer in our pharmacy. Each brand we carry is thoroughly researched and vetted for quality to bring you only the best.

one of the health care services we provide is quality over quantity. your money is valuable and we don't want you to waste it!

Quality Matters.

Spend your hard earned money wisely by investing in professional supplement lines. These supplements offer greater bioavailability and will be more effective than cheaper alternatives. That way, you are seeing the difference you pay for.

a photo of our two experienced pharmacists who provide our health care services. They are on your team!

Our Pharmacists are on YOUR health care team!

At Makers, we believe in individualized health care. We strive to provide you with personalized prescription medications and consultations, among other health care services.

We care about YOU and YOUR medical concerns! Call to speak with one of our dedicated Compounding Pharmacists about your health care questions.

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