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Cats can be notorious for wanting to be left alone. This makes it hard to medicate them when they are feeling bad! At Makers Compounding Pharmacy, we work with you to create a solution for medicating your feline friend at the exact dosage they need, in a way that helps you stay on “speaking terms.”

Our Veterinary Medication Dosage Forms:

• Trans-dermal Cream

• Flavored Oral Suspension

• Medicated Treat

• Capsule

Call today to speak with a pharmacist about our compounded medications for your kitty! We also carry products to ease your pet’s anxiety, pain, and inflammation.


Whether itchy, aging, wounded, or having behavioral issues, we have your best friend covered. Compounded medications are made from scratch for each individual patient, so we can customize the flavor of any oral suspensions to make it taste better!

Popular Flavors for Dogs & Cats:

• Creamy Chicken

• Beef

• Triple Fish

• Marshmallow/Sweet*

Dogs need special attention, especially as they age. Call today or click the button below to ask our compounding pharmacists about the newest age management options available by prescription only! We also carry products to ease your pet’s anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Other Small Animals!

Birds and other small exotic pets are extremely hard to medicate. Not only is it hard for you, the caretaker, to medicate them; commercially available pet prescriptions are usually dosed for larger animals. This means that retail pharmacies may not have the dose of medication available for your pet!

Through compounding, we can customize your pet’s dose, flavor, and medication form to make medications easy and effective. For birds and reptiles, non-traditional veterinary flavors may be more effective.

Alternative Pet Med Flavors:

• Apple

• Banana

• Pina Colada

• Tutti Fruitti

• Blueberry

• Grape

• Orange

• Raspberry

• Tangerine

• Vanilla

• Marshmallow


Compounded medications for horses can include creative dosage forms to make sure the active ingredient gets to the targeted area. It’s important to avoid addressing the wrong areas as much as possible!

We Make Equine Compounded Solutions for:

• Skin Itching/Inflammation

• Cuts, Scrapes, and Wound Care

• Hoof Care

• Parasites