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What is Cognitive Health?

Cognitive Health put simply is the health of your brain. Cognitive Health as it declines can look like many different things. Severe cases of cognitive health decline include loss of motor function, identity confusion, and getting lost.

Other less severe symptoms may show up years in advance due to age, significant life change/stress, or disease.

• Fatigue

• Memory Loss

• Chronic Headaches

• Brain Fog

• Inability to Focus

• Confusion

• Burnout


Inflammation, when it occurs in either the Central Nervous system or the Peripheral Nervous system goes by the name “Neuroinflammation.”

Neuroinflammation can be caused by other sources of systemic inflammation spreading, or alternatively something with more of a sudden onset such as traumatic brain injury or concussion.

This type of inflammation may be affecting you in small ways and can easily go unnoticed. Nevertheless, it is vitally important to care for our cognitive health.

Memory Impairment

Memory impairment is caused by decreased neuronal function and increased neurodegeneration. Oxidative Stress plays a major role in brain aging and memory impairment. More than 1 million adults in the United States are diagnosed annually with chronic brain disease or disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Feeling Stressed and “burnt out” all the time? Give your brain the care and attention it needs to prevent cognitive decline as you age.

Preventing Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Health Issues

Self Care, Meditation, or Reflection is so important for a healthy brain. You need breaks, and it’s easy to get so busy that you experience chronic fatigue and burnout. Prioritize your brain health, no matter what that looks like for you!

Diet and Exercise are equally important to keeping your brain healthy! Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to inflammation all over your body.

Supplements can be helpful in conjunction with other therapies mentioned here or on their own, but only if they are professional supplement lines. You can view and shop our complete supplement line by visiting: Pharmacist Formulations

Synapsin ® Nasal Spray is a compounded nasal spray that helps to decrease neuroinflammation, improve cognitive health, and increase cognitive function.

Synapsin® Nasal Spray

Synapsin® Nasal Spray is a blend of Ginsenoside Rg3 and Nicotinamide Riboside in a nasal spray delivery device. This prescription is used to decrease neuroinflammation, improve cognitive health, and increase cognitive function. Typically, Synapsin® is formulated with methylcobolamin to support neuronal health and cognition.

Synapsin® supports:

• Neuronal Health

• NAD+ production in the Central & Peripheral Nervous System, leading to healthy sirtuin expression

• Healthy mitochondrial function

• Attenuation of microglial activation


Ginsenoside Rg3:

Ginsenoside Rg3 is a type of triterpene saponin derived from the Ginseng plant. lab studies have shown that Rg3 derived from the Panax ginseng plant supports neuroprotection and supports healthy microglial activity. In addition, Rg3 supports healthy neuronal function in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems.

Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a form of Vitamin B3 found in cow’s milk. Lab studies sreport administration of NR supports healthy levels of NAD+ in yeast, human, and other mammalian cells. Additionally, NR supports NAD+ synthesis without the inhibition of sirtuins, which are important regulators of metabolism and longevity.