Hazardous Air Quality: 7 Things That Can Help

You asked, we answered! Here are the top 7 products your local compounding pharmacist recommends for the hazardous air quality induced by the wildfires devastating the west coast.

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amino acid NAC can help with reducing the effects of breathing in bad air quality or wildfire smoke

1. N-Acetylcysteine Supplement

This natural amino acid is a great anti-oxidant that can help decrease lung damage caused by smoke and other air pollutants. You may also notice decreased congestion in your lungs. This is the #1 product our pharmacist recommends to help combat the wildfire induced air hazards!

sinuplex is a great natural decongestant to help open airways while you're stuck breathing in smoke!

2. Sinuplex Supplement

This natural, professional quality sinus decongestant may help you breathe easier as the smoke settles in along the western US.

Sinuplex uses a blend of vitamin C, quercetin, stinging nettle root extract, bromelain, and N-acetylcysteine (see #1) —designed to support healthy respiratory function.

antioxidants like liposomal glutathione help with reducing the effects of breathing in bad air quality or wildfire smoke

3. L-Glutathione Supplement

As a master anti-oxidant, Liposomal Glutathione facilitates cellular detoxification.

This supplement helps with reducing the effects of the toxins in hazardous air you are breathing in at a cellular level throughout your body.

elderberry is great for maintaining your respiratory health during times of poor or hazardous air quality

4. Elderberry Supplements

We have elderberry tea, gummies, syrup, and tincture in stock and ready to help you maintain a healthy respiratory system and keep your immune system functioning at its best going into the flu & cold season!

Zinc is essential for cellular immunity!

5. Zinc Supplement

In addition to its well studied benefits to immune health, Zinc kills virus replication. Cellular immunity benefits from a high quality Zinc supplement like the one pictured!

nebulizers are devices that can help open airways during times with poor air quality and many pollutants

6. Nebulizer

This device is available to help deliver medications deep into the lungs to do their best work. Nebulizers can also help members of sensitive populations when air quality is poor and pollutants are high.

Michelle Moser, local pharmacist in a facebook video talking about the 7 things she recommends for breathing in poor air quality

7. Custom Compounded Prescriptions

We can make prescription medications specifically for YOU with a prescription written by your healthcare provider.

Active ingredients that may work well with a nebulizer to open airways includes albuterol, which is available both for nebulizers and oral inhalers. Call 360-757-6677 today to speak directly with a compounding pharmacist about our prescription medication options!