These are unprecedented, uncertain times as we work to weather this COVID-19 Pandemic. We are here to support you, your patients, and your practice! We are committed to staying informed of the most recent research and accurate news coming out about this developing crisis. As always, we work to connect YOU with the latest research to keep your patients happy and healthy!

COVID-19 Treatment Guideline

For your patients:

We will continue to share reliable information with the public as it becomes available to us. Please share this downloadable flyer with your patients!

We can help each other.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced compounding staff if there is any way we can help to support you and your team.

How can we help you?

Our Plan to Keep Patients Healthy:

  • Mailing Rx – We continue to encourage patients to take advantage of our mailing services to eliminate the need to come into the pharmacy. Pharmacists are able to consult over the phone.
  • Curbside Delivery – Patients can pick up prescriptions and OTC products while limiting their exposure. Once parked, the patient may call us with payment information ready. We will run the transaction and send one pharmacy assistant to deliver the purchase to the patients car, wearing PPE if necessary. This is a great option for at risk patients or anyone wanting to limit their exposure.
  • 90-day fills – To reduce the number of trips a patient needs to take to the pharmacy, we are encouraging 90-day supplies. In addition to giving patients 3 months of peace of mind at a time, this also usually can save the patient some money.
  • Auto-Refill Program – We are able to sign patients up for auto-refills. One less thing to think about in the chaos of our changing world!
  • Mobile App – “Refill Assistant” is a mobile refill app that patients can download on their phones. After entering our pharmacy’s zip code “98273” they can fill out their patient information and request refills with the Rx # on their prescription’s label. (NOTE: all veterinary patient DOB must be set to 1/1/2000 in order to match our pharmacy’s software.)

Supplement Protocols

supplement protocol for covid-19 maintenance and prevention - turiva, mitocore protein blend, and l-glutathione

MitoCore – Enhance your immune system by optimizing cellular energy

Turiva – Regulate your immune system by enhancing your gut barrier and reducing systemic inflammation

Glutathione – Increase your anti-oxidant reserves to combat free radical damage caused by viral infections

supplement protocol for exposure to or active cases of covid-19. mitocore protein blend, vitamin D 50,000IU, and SBI p

MitoCore – Enhance your immune system by optimizing cellular energy

SBI protect – Binds to Pathogens, toxins, Viruses, that are causing damage to your gut barrier eliciting an immune response.

Vitamin D-50000 – Higher blood levels of Vitamin D enhance immune function and tightens gap junctions.

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