compounding pharmacists making a compounded prescription cream

Our Approach

Your local Compounding Pharmacist is a key part of your health care team. At Makers Compounding Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on delivering targeted medications for our patients. We believe it is important for each individual to receive personalized care, because one size does not fit all with prescription medications!

Our pharmacy team works closely with both patient and provider throughout the process to help YOU achieve the best result possible. We want to make sure you are having the best possible experience with your medication.

Meet the Compounding Pharmacists

Our pharmacy staff is dedicated to helping patients. Whether that is through patient education, providing research materials to patients and their providers, or simply mailing your prescription straight to your door for you to save you a trip!

We value the continued education of our staff members. Currently, both pharmacists are working towards their certificate in Functional Medicine to better be able to help our patients!

Michelle Moser RPh, FACA, FACVP

Founder, Owner, Pharmacist

As a Skagit Valley native, Michelle started Makers Compounding Pharmacy with YOU in mind. She loves helping her patients, and staying in touch with health care providers in the area with the goal of helping as many people as possible navigate their road to wellness!

Michelle is a full fellow with the American College of Apothecaries & the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists. In addition, she has over 25 years experience as a pharmacist.

Natasha Mankins, PharmD

Associate Pharmacist

The best medicine is not always in the form of a pill. Natasha is a compounding pharmacist who understands that a mother, picking up chemotherapy for her daughter, may need a shoulder to cry on. She is passionate about the art of compounding and the well-being of her patients.

Next Steps…

Ask a pharmacist if personalizing your prescription medications can help you get more out of your treatment plan!