Ladies ONLY!

Ladies often face a few challenges throughout their lives that can cause increased pain and irritation. You don’t have to live uncomfortably! Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, mood swings, irritability can all be helped with balancing hormones. There are a few estrogen products available commercially and sometimes the dose fits. When the dose needs to be somewhere in between what is commercially available, compounding can help. Some pills and vaginal creams are derived from horse urine or synthetics. These chemicals do not match a woman’s hormonal needs. Natural estrogens like Estradiol and Estriol can be compounded in a form that is easy to find the right dose. Often a cream, drop or oral capsule is prescribed. Vaginal dryness creams do not cost $150 HERE. If you have any of the above issues and would like more information and help, Come by! I have a lot of suggestions. See our updated seminar schedule too.