Your Team

When a coach selects players for a team, each player comes with a different package of strengths. Some play better in specific positions than others. Those players are meant to…read more →

Finding Hormone Harmony

Many of us are far too familiar with the symptoms of hormone imbalances. Often times, we write it off as something that’s “just a part of life” or tell ourselves…read more →

Bone Health

Improving bone health is a bit more than taking calcium. Drinking milk, eating cheese and the like was once thought to provide calcium for healthy bones, but this simply isn’t…read more →

What’s Normal?

So you go to the doctor because you have a concern, maybe many issues. You have some blood work done, and the lab values say everything is normal. But you…read more →

Men’s Health

Guys usually don’t talk too much about their personal issues, I get that. Helping understand the causes and getting to the heart issues can lead to eliminating the problem. It’s…read more →

Ladies ONLY!

Ladies often face a few challenges throughout their lives that can cause increased pain and irritation. You don’t have to live uncomfortably! Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, mood swings,…read more →

Scar Therapy!

New scar, Old scar, Surgical scar or stretch marks are o_ en benefit from our formulas! Infused with unique ingredients, our formulas give potential healing and soothing power, emolliency and…read more →


Want to have beautiful toes free from yellow, thick, fungus filled nails? Have you tried everything but still battle the infection? And what about the copays for the commercially available…read more →