Your Team

When a coach selects players for a team, each player comes with a different package of strengths. Some play better in specific positions than others. Those players are meant to communicate & share to make the team successful. This is the same in health care.
I so appreciate when a provider asks questions about what we do, how we help patients, and why our pharmacy is different from a big chain. I am so happy to share our customer service model, which is like our business motto. We make medications with YOU in mind!
Pharmacists have a different type of training than dentists, doctors, naturopaths, physical therapists, nutritionists, and nurses, but when this TEAM works together with YOU in mind, YOUR health improves.
I respect each physician, dentist, PT, ARNP has a different approach to healthcare. What I respect even more are those practitioners who embrace the team approach to improve patient outcomes. I hear from patients every day who appreciate knowing their team is working together so they can feel better! GO TEAM!
-Michelle Moser, RPh, Owner of Makers Compounding Pharmacy

What You Need to Know About Everyday Stress

In today’s world, stress is unavoidable. Everyone experiences it, especially around the busiest time of year! Since we all face these challenges, we might as well be talking about the cause and getting the effects under control before they can diminish the hard work that we all put into being our healthiest and feeling good. Though humans have evolved so that we don’t have to flee from predators every day, we still experience stress. Some of us even develop adrenal fatigue! Our bodies just aren’t built to deal with chronic stress, yet it seems to be everywhere!

Everyone has their hobbies, but most of us don’t need to use our fight or flight response every day. However, our adrenal glands don’t differentiate between the stress of needing to run away from a saber tooth tiger and the stress of driving in rush hour traffic. From the perspective of our adrenal glands, stress is just stress. The constant barrage of stressors in our everyday life can wreak havoc on the balance of hormones necessary for feeling our best. Over time, the sustained use of our body’s natural responses to stress can exhaust the adrenal glands and leads to adrenal fatigue, which can then negatively affect your health.

It is estimated that around 75-90% of patients visiting their primary care physicians are there due to the adverse effects of stress on our health. Adrenal fatigue occurs when our adrenal glands cannot release adequate amounts of the hormones and neurotransmitters that they are responsible for.

Symptoms you may experience with adrenal fatigue include but are not limited to the following.


–          Fatigue

–          Non-refreshing sleep

–          Lack of energy

–          Sugar and salt cravings

–          Mild depression

–          Frequent infections

–          Inability to get out of bed in the morning


–          Panic attacks

–          PMS

–          Allergies

–          Low libido

–          Feeling overwhelmed

–          Irritability

–          Joint pain

–          Reduced Memory

The adrenal glands are small and are located right next to your kidneys. These glands may be small, but they have a big job overseeing how our bodies react to stress. By secreting hormones such as cortisol and signaling that familiar rush of adrenaline, the adrenal glands are great at handling stress in short bursts. The reason we have this “short term solution” approach to stress is to provide our bodies with the means to run away from immediate impending danger. You are probably familiar with the “fight or flight” response that all animals have in order to ensure the survival of their species.

If our adrenal glands are not functioning properly, other hormone pathways may also be negatively affected, and our overall health may decline.  When it is impossible to eliminate all stress from our lives, it can seem hopeless! Don’t worry. We can help you cope with adrenal fatigue. In addition to improving your diet, exercising regularly, getting more sleep, and other lifestyle modifications such as meditation, our pharmacists recommend some supplemental products that will help you improve your adrenal function and improve how you react to stress.


–          Coenzyme-B

–          Relora

–          Super Stress Support

–          L-Theanine

Makers Brand
–          Catecholacalm

–          Stress Arrest

Designs for Health Brand
–          Cortisol Manager

–          HPA Adapt

Integrative Brand
–          Vitamin D (boosts your immune system to reverse adverse effects of chronic stress)

–          Vitamin B (reduces inflammation and lowers Blood Pressure)

–          Magnesium Glycinate (Muscle relaxing, helps your body use vitamin D)

–          Lavender Oil (in moderation can help reduce stress)

Additional Vitamins and Supplements

Finding Hormone Harmony

Many of us are far too familiar with the symptoms of hormone imbalances. Often times, we write it off as something that’s “just a part of life” or tell ourselves there’s nothing to be done because an aunt, mother, grandmother, etc. had the same issues. The hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, lack of libido, and inability to get a good night’s sleep are all things that should not be a part of your daily life.

Your time is far too precious to be spent feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Besides, when it comes down to it, most hormonal imbalances aren’t written into your DNA. They are usually much more reliant on environmental factors and are much easier to control and manipulate than most women are led to believe.

To understand how to deal with hormone imbalances, it’s important to first understand a little bit about how hormones actually work in your body. Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones. Therefore, if you are on cholesterol lowering drugs, you may have hormone imbalance symptoms such as depression, acne, disrupted sleep cycles, etc.

If you suspect a hormone imbalance, the first step would be to explore different testing options. We have available take home testing kits that would allow you to measure hormone levels throughout a normal day in your life all from home. The test results will be forwarded to your Makers pharmacist and your physician so you will have two people on your team who are on the same page!

If you are currently on hormone replacement therapy medications and are unhappy with your results, now is not the time to give up! There are different types of hormones, including bio-identical hormones which are much more accessible to your body’s natural enzyme pathways than synthetic hormones. In addition, trans-dermal hormone creams are much better at mimicking the body’s physiology and getting the hormone where it is needed in the most efficient way.

On average, it takes 2 years for a woman to re-address a symptom that is not taken care of by a visit to their physician. You don’t need to spend that much time minimizing your symptoms and not living your most comfortable life. No one deserves to be forced to live with symptoms that are the result of a very treatable problem. Start with the basics instead of treating the symptoms and feel healthier!

For questions or comments about this blog, please call 360-757-6677 anytime M-F 9:30-5:30 to let your Makers Pharmacist help you!